The Best Christmas Gift for a Dressage Rider is …Education: Limited Edition…5 DVD Set of the Global Dressage Forum NA…12 Hours of the Best Dressage Training Education Ever Presented on Stage Anywhere in the World: Order from

Posted by admin On December - 15 - 2016

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Available at The Global Dressage Forum NA has released a Limited Edition of a 5 DVD set. The GDFNA is North America’s leading educational platform for the international dressage world. Twenty-Two of the World's Top International dressage trainers and educators had gathered together in Florida to present…Arena Demonstrations, Face to Face Interviews and Panel Discussions with Moderator and Founder Andreas Stano  as the visionary leader.

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Stephen Clarke, Jan Brink, Conrad Schumacher, Tinne Vilhelmson, Bo Jena, Christoph Hess, Christilot Boylen, Udo Lange, Charlotte Bredahl, Volker Brommann, Kathy Connelly, Pam Goodrich, Anne Gribbons, Arthur Kottas, Leslie Reid, Mette Rosencrantz, Betsy Steiner, George Williams, Suzanne von Dietz, Terry Gallo, Sue Leffler, Jochen Schleese were the presenters on stage for the unforgetable two days of dressage education.

 This 5 dvd set features a total of 12 Hours (720 mins) of the BEST Dressage Training Eduation Ever Presented Anywhere in the World…Get it Now…Limited Edition














The Global Dressage Forum NA gathered 22 of the world's most successful Dressage Trainers and presented a two day forum on the Training and Development of Dressage Horses and Riders.  It was the most successfull dressage production ever produced and a memory that will remain in the mind's of the sold out audience for ever.  Don't miss out on this limited edition sold through the official distributor  Order now before inventory runs out.  The perfect Christmas Gift, or the perfect gift to yourself as a serious and dedicated dressage rider.

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