NEED IMAGES – Andreas Hausberger schools the piaffe and passage using ground tools and praise.

Posted by admin On October - 27 - 2017

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Customer Care Telephone Assistance 604-746-9222 is pleased to present Andreas Hausberger assisting Roberta Pollock aboard the 15 year-old gelding Orion training 3rd/4th level. 

Andreas brings his wisdom and experience as Fisrt Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna and Director of Training Centre in Heidenberg, Austria and offers insight on schooling techniques for developing high level movements.   It is clear that his primary tools in schooling the piaffe and passage with this horse and rider pair is his ground schooling devices and his praise.

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Watch Andreas school the piaffe and passage using ground tools and praise.

Andreas uses two ground tools to coach the gelding into piaffe and passage from the ground – a long stick at the front of the horse to hold him back in moving forward in the piaffe, and the whip to add impulsion at the rear of the horse.    Andreas positions himself on the ground at the shoulder of the horse and never misses a detail in providing the ground aids.    He crosses the arena to meet Roberta at the long side to continue the training in piaffe offering guidance and uses his tools to coach the piaffe into even steps.

“Not too much pressure!” he whispers.   Andreas wants the horse to be calm and have very little pressure in moving out of the piaffe into a trot.   “Nice transition!” he exclaims when Roberta perfects the aid.  “Clap her on the neck.  Praise her.”

Andreas repeatedly steps to the halted pair and pats the horse's neck to show his praise and affection for the horse’s behaviour. 

They continue training using the tools to coach the passage with light taps on the lower hind legs of the horse.   The taps brief and are quickly rewarded with a halt and treat by Andreas.   The horse is calm and willing throughout the training.

He quietly coaches Roberta into half passes and shoulder in then assists Roberta in the working pirouette from a 20 metre circle.    Each collected canter has a working canter pirouette on the centre line with Andreas quietly schooling Roberta into even, relaxed canter movements.      Half passes in the canter and transitions between working and collected canter precede the training.

Finally, four, three and two tempis are briefly practiced and calmly and rhythmically executed.  

Andreas’s quiet coaching generates good progress in the piaffe and passage and produces a happy rider and horse while learning these difficult movements. 


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