Anne Gribbons assists Karen Lipp aboard Baxamiliana, 9 year-old mare training Grand Prix

Posted by admin On December - 21 - 2016

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374x150--HEAD-BANNER-ANNE-GRIBBONS is pleased to present this video of Anne Gribbons, assisting Karen Lipp, the owner and rider of this 9 year old Dutch mare named Baxamiliana training Grand Prix. 


Video Sample Page  Anne Gribbons

Watch Anne Gribbons assist Karen Lipp on her 9 year-old Dutch Mare training Grand Prix.

Anne’s coaching for Karen and her honest, willing mare focuses on the canter work for Grand Prix movements.  Not surprisingly, Anne offers Karen three clear learning tips with exercises to strengthen Baxamiliana.  Anne coaches on the importance of balance, the use of piaffe and the value of staying quiet and out of the horse’s way. This is an ideal video for those that have that talented, willing horse that is ready and willing to find their own balance in the turn and get stronger in self-carriage while performing upper level movements.

  1. Balance

Anne enforces the requirement of balance in this video.  Exercises like changes on the circle and in serpentines gives the horse the opportunity to practice finding her own way of keeping in balance.  “Horses hate to fall”, says Anne.   And with a balanced horse in the turns, we have a horse that can keep their own tempo which is ultimately what the judges want to see in the ring.

  1. Use the


Use the piaffe to train for the higher movements.  Anne explains how the piaffe can develop strength in the horse and was often used to develop the capriole and levade when training war horses.  “Piaffe was the preparation for a major effort” says Anne.  “They had to start somewhere”.   She explains at adding the piaffe before performing other movements challenges the horse to bring their hind legs under themselves and is to be encouraged to continue into the next movement – thereby building strength and power.  In the meantime Anne explains “the piaffe will develop and be very happy because there is never really any pressure.”

  1. Stay Quiet

Finally, Anne coaches Karen to find quietness in her riding.  “You’re too entirely engaged in the change”, coaches Anne.  “She can’t wait for you to get out of her way.”    Anne shares that Karen is riding the horse too much and interfering with the horse’s job of balancing and finding her self-carriage in the work.   Anne then continues to coach Karen to ‘sit heavy’, ‘sit back’, ‘sit quietly’ with beautiful results.  The horse naturally does the work of balancing herself.

Anne concludes that Karen is on the right track and more strength, more consistency, and more trust in her horse will yield wonderful results and comments on Baxamiliana.  “She is just a delightful horse.”

102x-NEW_Pic_Received-by-ANNEGRIBBONS_May192015Anne’s resume is heavy with experience as a FEI 5 judge and competition success with over 16 horses trained to Grand Prix under her seat and many more under her leadership.  She’s competed extensively in Europe and was a member of the U.S Silver medal team at the 1995 Pan American Games in Argentina.  Anne and her husband own and operate Knoll Dressage in Orlando Florida.


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