Betsy Steiner Provides Gentle Techniques for Suppling and Creating Energy

Posted by admin On September - 13 - 2016

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325X_HEAD BANNER BETSY STEINER is proud to present this training video with Betsy Steiner, the international rider of top dressage horses including Unanimous and Rainer who has extensive International

training experience with numerous top dressage luminaries such as Uwe Steiner, Herbert Rehbein, Kathy Connelly, Guenter Seidel, and Klaus Balkenhol.

It is a pleasure to see her teaching with her long time student Wendy Limerick from Atlanta on her horse Danos.  Danos, at the time of this filming, was a 16 year-old gelding who had lovingly been ridden back into form and completing 2nd level movements in a double bridle.

This training video is for the rider that has the welfare and care top of as a priority for their aging dressage horse.  If you are looking for the routine that gently invites flexibility and thoroughness and politely builds energy and forward movement with your mature horse, this is it.







Click to Watch Betsy Steiner assist Wendy Limerick on her 16 year-old Gelding at 2nd Level.

Foremost, Betsy Steiner has a kind way of interacting with her student Wendy.  One gets this impression though her quiet easy coaching.  Betsy is full of positive feedback balanced with clear instructions to breathe into the core, use abdominal muscles, and offer the rein.   By linking these actions of the body together, Wendy gets Danos to become more ‘through’.

Betsy reminds Wendy to open up her shoulders, take take a good breathe in then exhale and work though your abs.  Here Betsy explains how the lower abs push forward in the lower body while the upper abs hold your posture and position.   Danos begins to come up into the contact.

Dressage in Florida 2010

As they work though trot and canter work, Betsy coaches to ensure the frame is never compromised when they gently ask Danos for more forward energy.  Betsy reminds Wendy for flexion and release on the serpentine and ensures she keeps her connection on the outside rein.

Finally, when Danos is though and becoming more forward, Betsy shares how to increase the energy in Danos with her excellent description of asking for energy from the seat and capturing it in the bridle.   This is essentially the beginning work of collection and is well described in the later part of the video. 

Betsy recognizes each horse is unique and compliments Wendy for her decisions in managing Danos’ fitness and health.

Excellent work to both Betsy and Wendy.

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