Jon Brons rides and lectures aboard Zonneglans, a 9 year-old dominant gelding training Pre St. George/Intermediare I

Posted by admin On December - 22 - 2016

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330X HEAD BANNER JAN BRONS is pleased to present Jan Brons, riding and lecturing aboard Zonneglans a KWPN 9 year old gelding by Ruben Royal training Pre St. George/Intermediare I.


Watch Jan Brons riding and lecturing aboard Zonneglans a KWPN 9 year-old gelding by Ruben Royal training Pre St. George/Intermediare I.

Jan is a well-respected FEI trainer who operates Jan Brons Dressage out of Wellington, Florida.  He has won many USDF medals, ridden many horses to National Championship titles and is a demanded teacher and clinician.

Jan has his work cut out for him with this beautiful, strong-minded gelding. His introduction of the horse includes stories of his wild and sometimes rude behaviour that often resulted in him being sent to ‘detention’ where he worked out his frustration in the lunging ring against side reins until he’s ready to come out and be ridden again.

Jan has his work cut out for him with this talented, dominant horse.  His focus: developing ridability in Zonneglans.

This video would be of tremendous value to those that have a horse that often pulls heavily on the hands and forces their agenda on the rider.  Jan, a confident and rock solid rider, never lets Zonneglans over rule his requests and spends much of the ride reinforcing his invitation for the horse to ‘wait for him’.

This video takes you into a regular training day with Jan Brons who ensures that Zonneglans is given clear instruction and then is corrected if the activity is now what was asked for.  Zonneglans comes with an unflappability as he remains calm with the sound of planes flying overhead, which Jan values.   However, this horse also comes with a tremendous power which he constantly brings to each stride. 

Jan’s job is to remind Zonneglans that what is asked for: smaller, relaxed, willing movement.

Jan frequently places walk breaks into the one hour ride to ensure Zonneglans is relaxed and ready for each stage of work.  Canter begins collected as the horse wants to rider bigger, changes are repeated to ensure the horse doesn’t lunge into the new canter stride, and trot is often halted as passage naturally comes forth from this athletic horse.   

As mentioned, Jan wants to develop a willing, ridable horse that says with the rider, doesn’t anticipate movements, and responds to the aids of the rider in a soft way.   “I don’t know how long that’s going to take”, comments Jan.  

102X142_Jans-BronsIn this video, we see the use of clear correction with calm determination.  Jan’s confident repetition of requests begins to soften Zonneglans as the horse gives to the bridle and the leg with less resistance.  Jan is perfect for the job.  It’s his calm, determined manner that lets this dominant horse know who is boss and what is requested of him.

Good luck Jan with this powerful horse.



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