Dressage Trainer Bill Warren, Demonstrates Using Cavalleti to Develop Pirouettes & Other Movements

Posted by admin On December - 23 - 2016

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Dressageclinic.com is proud to present Bill Warren, assisting Courtney Fanara aboard her horse Brighella, a 13 year old Hanoverian gelding training Pre St. George. 


Watch Bill Warren assist Courtney Fanara aboard her horse Brighella, a 13 year old Hanovarian training Pre. St. George/Intermediare I.

Courtney has a wonderful seven year relationship with her horse and Bill, a USDF medalist and one of the top dressage trainers in North America, brings creative and playful exercises to this lesson to ensure the horse and rider are both loose and happy in their progression.  In this training video, Bill focuses on developing the pirouette and uses the cavaletti to develop the working pirouette which keeps it fun for the horse and for the rider as well.

Bill, a USDF medalist and operator of Warren-McMulin Dressage, introduces the horse and rider team.  Courtney has a wonderful 7 year relationship with her horse which is supported with Bill’s creative and fun coaching exercises. 

Bill’s philosophy is simply staying creative with our riding no matter the level.  He reminds us to keep it fun for the horse and also fun for the rider as well.   “We can put much pressure to get somewhere, but soon it would become an unhappy picture.”

They begin in a long loose trot over the cavaletti and embark on suppling exercises to stretch not only the horse, but Bill emphasizes this is also important for stretching out the rider’s shoulders, back and neck as well.

Canter depart is confirmed which is practiced with imperceptible aids which bill shares that, it is also a good indication of how flying changes will be performed. 

Courtney’s aids, though subtle, are further refined with Bill’s coaching from the ground .  “I want you think about it and ride precise,” he coaches.  “I want clean, light, invisible aids.”

Bill is also an expert of detecting tension in the horse and rider and coaches the process of relaxation into the lesson.  “Think about your own relaxation.  No pressure on the horse.  Riding does not mean wrestling.”  He often encourages less use of the spur and less resistance in the hands to a bracing neck. This not being ridden correctly, often increases the tension in the horse.

Shoulder-fore into Renver is perfected in the trot then halt-trot transitions are confirmed and refined. These are valuable points for every rider to grasp from reality training video..

Following begins the use of the cavaletti to encourage a forward canter after collected canter is achieved.  The horse rides into the corner, performs a working pirouette, then rides forward and playfully bounds over two cavelettis placed in the centre of the arena.  The horse then rides to the opposite corner and collects again performing second working pirouette.  Success!  As a reward, they stretch into a beautiful medium canter down the long side then collect again performing the exercise a second time.

102x142_Bill Warren Profile Image 2011Bill shows us how to add fun and playfulness to the lesson while maintaining active energetic relaxation.  Courtney and her horse happily progress in the arena performing a stunning, uphill medium trot at the conclusion of  the lesson.  Bill provides a lovely compliment to the pair. “I’ve known the two of them a long time and they both worked hard and it is a pleasure, from the teaching standpoint, to watch them both grow.”


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