Guenter Seidel assists Sarah Christy aboard Shakesperel a 6 year-old Oldenburg gelding schooling 1st level

Posted by admin On September - 20 - 2016

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345x150_Head-Banner-of-Gunter-Seidel is pleased to present this training video of Geunter Seidel, assisting Sarah Christy riding Shakesperel, a 6 year-old Oldenburg gelding back in training after a year in the pasture.. 

With less than two months of riding underway, Guenter guides Sarah in schooling Shakesperel into 1st level frame and tempo. 


Watch Geunter Seidel Assisting Sarah Christy Riding Shakesperel a 6 year-old Oldenburg – Click on the Player. 

Guenter brings a wealth of knowledge to the ring delivering coaching tips with clear, simple instruction complete with detailed observations..  Since immigrating to the U.S. in 1985, he’s consistently raised the quality of dressage riding all over North America..  His kind, rewarding feedback and clean riding style have many seeking his coaching guidance. Geunter Seidel is considered as one of the best and most knowledgable dressage trainers in the world and is proud to present him to the membership.  

Here are Guenter’s top 3 tips he shares with Sarah for training young horses returning to 1st level work.

  1. Warm Up Gold

Guenter wants to see specific qualities in a horse as they warm up.  He wants to see a horse that is rhythmical, loose, relaxed, in good frame with self-carriage.  Sarah hits the mark.  “I like the way this horse is going,” he says. “That is a good way to start and have him warm up.”  Through out the video Guenter points out very important aspects for developing dressage horses.

  1. Let the Horse Carry You

The majority of the work in the video focuses on bringing Shakesperel into a more carrying and uphill presence.  Guenter warns to keep the hands low and to keep the rein length shorter to connect from the hind the front.  Each minute of the lesson has the horse gradually accepting more positive contact and making stronger steps resulting in Sarah being carried by the horse – and bringing about more powerful steps.  “Let him carry you not run though you, “ reminds Guenter.

  1. Protect the Horse

Guenter explains in the video he is extremely conscious of the fitness and strength of this horse, which is just coming back into training.  He reminds Sarah to take a walk break if she feels Shakesperel tiring and encourages short riding periods as he returns to work after a year in pasture.   He’s aware of the strength that is required of Shakesperel, the current status of his conditioning, and constantly guards against overwork.

Guenter Seidel Riding on a horseThis video is vital for understanding the process of bringing back horses from a long rest and most informative as it shows us what is important when working with our youngerters.  Guenter sees great potential in this young horse and Sarah performs well to bring it out.  Great work.

This is a very important training video to study and watch over and over again. It is a foundation resource for every dedicated dressage rider.


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