Original Classic Training Video: Juan Matute Riding and Lecturing 7 Year-Old Wie Atlantico in Prix St. George

Posted by admin On September - 17 - 2016

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Dressageclinic.com is proud to present this classic video of Juan Matute, riding and lecturing aboard one of his most successful horses, Wie Atlantico, a 7 year-old Hanovarian training Prix St. George.  A highly sought after dressage coach based in Florida, Juan has had years of experience and known as one of the most talented dressage trainers in the world.  Juan has represented the Spanish dressage team in Barcelona, Seoul, and Atlanta Olympic Games amoung his many accomplishments.

This Classic video displays a patient graceful warm-up, continueing and being focused towards training of a talented, forward horse, developing the canter, the pirouette and tempi changes with some light passage and piaffe steps. Juan is lecturing as he is riding and does an incredible job speaking clearly and thoughfully throughout the ride.

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Watch Juan Matute aboard the 7 year-old Hanoverian Gelding Wie Atlantico, Training Prix St. George. 

Juan begins with a warm-up that has Atlantico happily working first around the outside of the ring then inside the ring in an easy, light and forward manner.

Juan explains that he wants the warm-up fun for the horse and warms up Atlantico light on his back in a two-point seat with little demand.

“He can express his power, right from the beginning,” says Juan as he allows Atlantico to show his proud personality.  Juan is not worried about head and neck position or frame at this point and, instead, wants his horse free in his movement during the the warm-up.

Juan’s challenge is to work on pirouettes and shows his techniques for ensuring Atlantico is on his aids before pirouette development where he rides a square; collecting in the corners then powering forward developing quarter pirouette turns.  He explains in details how de does this.

To compliment the pirouette training, Juan rides Atlantico in haunches-in developing the powerful, rhythmic collected canter needed for pirouettes.

Canter changes are tested followed by a medium canter then collected canter before walking.

“This horse is very ambitious,” comments Juan.  “In the changes, he want’s to be in front of me.  I need to explain to him to wait.”

Finally, Juan develops the passage with a touch of light piaffe work showcasing Atlantico’s power which Juan easily coaches into balance. 

105x145_ Profile_JuanMatuteJuan has formed a superior partnership with Atlantico and this Classic video demonstrates the value of developing a happy horse – which leads to a productive and pleasant training experience in the ring. This is a very important video for every dressage rider, trainer or enthusiast to watch over and over again until certain phrases and moments are memorized.  You must watch this video.


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