Completed – Leunis Van Lieren Brings Playfulness to 5 year-old Hexagon’s 3rd and 4th Level Training.

Posted by admin On September - 14 - 2016

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Leunis-van-Lieren_150x374pxls is pleased to present this video of Leunis Van Lieren, a well-known developer of many grand prix horses who often focuses his time training his own homebred stock in the Netherlands.  Hexagon, a 5 year-old gelding, is one of Leunis’ horses that is progressing well in his training as Leunis shows what he can do in a double bridle completing 3rd and 4th level movements.


Watch Leunis Van Lieren ride and lecture aboard Hexagon, a 5 year-old KWPN gelding at 3rd-4th Level. (link needed)

The training with Hexagon is done in a very short time as Leunis ensures Hexagon is never tiring in the work.  Leunis explains that most people tire their horses before they do the work and that is when injuries occur.   “As soon as he is not fresh anymore, I quit working,” he says.

 Leunis is confident that because of this diligence in ensuring his horses stop working before they get tired, he can assure that they will remain healthy and injured to grand prix. 

And in 16 minutes Leunis brings Hexagon from travere into halfpasses and extended trots and even some willing passage and piaffe steps inbetween canter work.  In the end, Hexagon is far from tired.

“It's important for me that I can work again tomorrow,” says Leunis.  “I want him as supple as he is today – tomorrow.”  

Leunis philosophy with horses is that training is to be playful and fun.  In the canter work, Leunis remarks that changes is not work for a horse as long as you teach them in a playful way.   And throughout the training, Leunis is well on his way of making a portrait_van_Lieren 102x142willing athlete out of Hexagon and likely one of the first horses of his year to grand prix.   “I think he would be the first grand prix horse of his year,” he says. “Because he makes the work right.”

This is certainly an exciting and talented horse and proven rider to follow to grand prix. 

Congratulations to Leunis for breeding the talented horse and ensuring his grand prix career is protected by keeping him fresh while developing him with playfulness.


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