Swedish FEI Judge Bo Jena Assisting Bianca Berktold Aboard Kanendo, a 10 year-old Gelding Training Grand Prix

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2016

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Dressageclinic.com  is pleased to present Swedish FEI Judge and coach Bo Jena assisting Bianca Berktold aboard Kanendo, a 10 year-old gelding training at the Grand Prix Level. 


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This particular video is extremely informative as it demonstrates how only a few well-timed words are needed when a solid relationship is established between trainer, rider, and horse. 

Most importantly, this video offers a solid routine for capable riders to use to practice and perfect upper level movements with their horses.  The exercise routine shown in this video is efficient, effective and gets great results.

Bo and Bianca work together to train Kanendo among the sounds of early morning birds and a sunrise in the distance.   The outdoor setting is calm and peaceful.









It is clear that besides the tranquil setting, that Bo and Bianca are peaceful too.  Bo gives calm quiet instruction to Bianca and she responds with Kanendo warming up at a deep rising trot then canter ensuring correct flexion and shoulder position of the horse.

Following the warm-up, the training begins with Bo quietly viewing each executed movement and replying with necessary feedback to confirm the movement was up to standard.   Often, he’s say ‘fine’, ‘good boy’, or ‘pet him’ to show his approval. Bo’s calm words and simple feedback make for a peaceful but effective and deeply thought out training session.  Bianca responds quickly to Bo’s requests for pats or walk break rewards so that the reward is felt and understood by the horse.  For Bo, the delivery and timing of the reward is vital. 

The 32 minute video is full of various exercises and movements completed in smooth succession with shoulder in, travers, halfpass, working pirouettes, tempis work, passage and piaffe steps all occurring in the latter 20 minutes of the training.  Bo and Bianca are extremely efficient and organized, achieving their training goals quickly before Kanendo tires.


This video is excellent at exposing what Bo is looking for in each movement.  He can discern a good halfpass from an excellent one or coach Bianca to reward Kanendo at the tempi change where the horse worked particularly hard to achieve a good result.   The timing of the reward is everything.  This discernment Bo communicates in the video is visible and tangible and shows us the importance of precise timing when rewarding our horses.

It is a pleasure to watch this productive training session quietly unfold.  With Bo Jena’s lovely coaching and Bianca’s skill, superior gaits and quality movements are realized with Kanendo.  Well done.

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