Watch Kathy Connelly Creating ‘Electric Lightness’ from Horse and Rider at the FEI Levels: Assisting Sarah Diggin on Don Camillo 11 yrs. old Prix St. Georges

Posted by admin On August - 16 - 2017

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300x126_Head Banner for Kathy Connelly  is pleased to present this training video with Kathy Connelly, a woman who needs little introduction in the dressage world.  Her experiences in Europe and all over the U.S. and around the world aboard top horses, her coaching, guidance of many FEI level riders.  Her involvement with the U.S. Team in international arenas has created a wisdom within her which is sought out among many serious dressage riders.

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This video is for the rider who wants to gain thrust, lightness, and forward movement in their upper level horses and Kathy instruction and advise to bring that about in her rider.  She values the horse that moves with an ‘uphill attitude’.

In this video, Kathy coaches Sarah Diggin aboard Don Camillo a lovely 11 year-old Westphalian Gelding schooling Prix St. Georges.   Sarah, a devoted rider scoring 67 and 70 in her recent tests, shares her enthusiasm for continuing her journey in the development and establishment of quality dressage training with Kathy.

Kathy coaxes forth the ‘electric energy’ she wants to see coming from Sarah’s horse.    She guides Sarah to move her horse with a mindset of thinking ‘forward’.  Kathy also shares that forwardness is a result of two elements.  It is a combination of positive tension with relaxation.  Getting the right balance of both positive tension and relaxation is the art of achieving  ‘electric lightness’.

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Through out this 33-minute training video, Kathy uses her visualizations, descriptions and examples to Sarah to bring this electric lightness to the ride.  Kathy also brings her knowledge into the training ring when she adds an aid from the ground: a neutrally held lunge whip to bring that energy willingly out of the gelding. 

Kathy’s vast experience and wisdom in training horses and coaching riders come forth in this focused session with Sarah which include lateral work, tempis, and canter half-passes all with electric lightness.

The work is brief yet effective.  Kathy works well with Sarah to get the job done which include upper level work with an energetic, forward horse.  Super.

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If you care about yourself as a dressage rider and want to improve your understanding for the development of yourself and your horse, watch this video.

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