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Edelkrone just launched a new promising product: the Edelkrone coque huawei p30 pro spigen JibONE. This compact, motorized jib can be controlled with an app, it supports cameras up to 11lb/5kg and has a maximum length of 1.64ft/50cm. Let take a closer look!Edelkrone has just coque huawei p8 lite fantaisie launched a new innovative product, the Edelkrone JibONE. This tiny jib is made from CNC machined aluminum and measures only61 x 17 x 15cm when collapsed. Indeed, it can fit in Edelkrone backpack, which is pretty handy if you want to travel light.

Image credit: Edelkrone

In terms of weight, the Edelkrone JibONE weighs 12lb/5.5kg with one counterweight of 2.2lb/1kg. Like every traditional jib, you need to put counterweights at the back of the jib to balance your camera. It comes with four 1kg counterweights so that you can balance camera setups up to 11lb/5.5kg.

When you fully extend the Edelkrone JibONE, it offers you a maximum travel length of 1.64ft/50cm. At the bottom of the jib, coque huawei p20 football there is a3/8 mounting port so that you can attach it coque huawei p20 induction to any tripod. Also, there is a locking mechanism to lock it when you need to move it or change your shot.

You can tilt the Edelkrone JibONE. Image coque de charge iphone 6 credit: Edelkrone

When you coque huawei p8 lite 2017 silicone boulanger mount the Edelkrone JibONE on your tripod, you can do vertical movements and horizontal slider like movements. Also, there is a built in tilt mechanism that allows you to put the jib at an angle up to 22.5 degrees to get coque huawei p10 carrefour a diagonal type of shots.

Edelkrone JibONE An App Controlled Jib

There are two ways to operate the Edelkrone JibONE: by hand, or vcomp coque silicone tpu transparence iphone 6 via an app. I like devices that you can still use even if you run out of batteries. But, let talk about the real selling point of kwmobile coque huawei the Edelkrone JibONE: the motion control part.

Image credit: Edelkrone

You can power the jib via two CanonLP E6 type batteries or etui coque huawei y5ii two NP F style batteries. The batteries and battery brackets are sold separately. The expected run time with two Canon batteries is two hours, according to Edelkrone. Also, you can plug it coque iphone 6 livre to AC power or a beefier V Mount/Gold Mount battery via the 2.1mm barrel connector.

The Edelkrone app. Image credit: Edelkrone

You can control the jib with the Edelkrone app, which is Android and iOS compatible. Once coque huawei g620s pas cher the jib is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can program and repeat shots as you want. This setup can be handy for VFX shots or interviews. Also, you can connect your camera to coque huawei y6 2018 priceminister the Edelkrone JibONE with a 2.5mm shutter trigger cable to shoot time lapses. Unlike the Moza Slypod, Edelkrone claims that the JibONE is ultra silent.

The Edelkrone JibONE with the Edelkrone HeadPLUS. Image credit: Edelkrone

Finally, by adding an Edelkrone HeadONE/HeadPLUS at the end of the jib, you can unleash the full power of this system. Indeed, with a single app, you can control and repeat a jib shot while your camera is panning/tilting at the same time. Also, when you combine the JibONE with the coque huawei mate 7 gold HeadPLUS, you get access to the various in app shooting coque huawei p smart 2019 ebay modes, including target tracking shots, live target switching, and Sequencer Mode.

Image credit: coque huawei p20 lite miniinthebox Edelkrone

Pricing and Availability

The Edelkrone JibONE is available now for $999.00. You can buy it on Edelkrone website;we will add links to our partners B and CVP once available, please come back later. The Edelkrone HeadPLUS is already available for coque huawei p20 lite belgique $1799.00/1699.00.

What do you think about the coque rouge iphone 6 Edelkrone JibONE Do you believe a motorized jib can be beneficial for your shooting style Let us know in the comments below!

American Cinematographer released an exciting interview with DP Tim Ives, ASC, to talk about his job on Stranger Things. Ives has been the DP on the Netflix show for all three seasons. Let talk about camera movement, lighting, camera choices, and how they can help you tell a story that is an homage to the pop culture!

Stranger Things The Story

Stranger Things is a Netflix Sci Fi/Horror series created by the Duffer Brothers that started in 2016. The story takes place in a fake town Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The heroes are a group of kids that are trying to find another young boy that mysteriously disappeared. A lot of paranormal events will happen, and they will meet other people with supernatural power.

It pretty hard to resume a three seasons long show without spoiling you, and if you never seen it, Stranger Things coque iphone 6 star wars is a mesmerizing series. The Duffer Brothers set coque huawei gr3 2017 the series in the 80s as an homage to the pop culture. In conjunction with Tim Ives, coque fourrure iphone 6 coque huawei p8 lite rugby the DP since day one, they went for an aesthetic that is reminiscent of Steven Spielberg films, Stephen King universe, or the original Ghostbuster movie. If you want to learn more about all the references and homages in Stranger Things, there is another incredible interview of coque huawei p8 lite 2017 ananas the Duffel Brothers here.

Image credit: Netflix

Stranger Things Pre Production and the Look

In this interview, it is interesting to hear Tim Ives talk about how the story led to several choices in the set design, color, and tones of the series. For example, the tones and colors in season one of Stranger Things are pretty muted, without a lot of saturation, to reflect 1982 mood. As coque huawei p8 lite bts the story progress, they started to introduce more and more colors and saturation in season two/three to reflect the ambiance of 1985…