David Marcus Riding and Lecturing on Edy Rava 7 year-old KWPN Mare Training 4th Level

Posted by admin On August - 10 - 2016

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Dressageclinic.com is pleased to present Olympian David Marcus riding and lecturing aboard Edy Rava, a stunning yet nervous 7 year-old KWPN mare schooling 4th Level 


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We have a unique opportunity here to watch and listen to David Marcus while he is riding and lecturing on a 7 yrs, old mare training at 4th level.
This video demonstrates David’s calm, unflappable form while riding this sensitive and nervous mare with amazing potential  – under the right leadership.  David clearly displayis that not only has the right leadership as a dressage trainer but also tact and finesse to get along with a mare that needs to be ridden diplomatically.

This training video illustrates how great refined riding from a rider can dramatically influence a horse's way of going.   

David’s leadership and guidance is exactly what this mare needs.  It is supportive, has good judgment and there is a gentle, unwavering determination to ensure the mare can always trust him.  We all know how more difficult it is to ride a mare verses a gelding, so for all of you who either ride mares or want to become more experience riding mares, this is the video to watch.

The video is set in a spectacular white sand, open-walled arena where this sensitive mare frequently notices the cameraman and audience.  This brings David’s lecturing to the surface as he explains his priority to release tension and inspire confidence in a mare.

Many times, it could have gone another way, but David’s style results in a beautiful 40-minute training session where they accomplish clean changes, beautiful half-passes and, at the end, a relaxed horse walking towards the camera looking almost pleased with herself.  The details that David expresses while riding are to the point and precise.

Like every trining session, it has errors.  David downplays them beautifully, which is perfect for this horse.

Dave Marcus on a horseDavid’s success in the dressage ring shows in this video.  As he rides, he explains his use of aids to achieve balance, connection, and relaxation, which, he states, are required before we ask any questions of a horse.  

In this video, David takes some time at minute 20 to explain the importance of horses trusting their riders.

From his experience, he believes we should always ride to confirm that our horse always trusts us.   This is how partnership forms between rider and flight animal shares David.  He jokes saying this mare is constantly asking him  ‘What do you think David, am I okay?’  He explains that by keeping his connection with seat, leg, and rein plus the use of his voice, he can keep her confident and feeling ‘okay’ with the situation.   With a horses’ trust, we can achieve great things.

If you watch this video several times for study, you’ll notice David constantly talks to the mare, almost like a travelling partner on a journey.  David’s dialogue is reassuring and you can see the mare knows David is on her side.  

David also brings great decision making to the mare’s training as he modifies the length of the ride to accommodate a longer warm-up.  He shortens the duration of the gymnastic portion of the training to prevent fatigue and regularly modifies the session with exercises to reduce any tension that arises in the mare.

He listens to the horse’s breathing and observes her ears. He never misses a signal from this lovely mare.  As a result of David's attention and guidance, the mare produces super work.  In the end, David ends the training right after receiving a lovely canter change.  Both David and the horse are relaxed and look pleased – success!

Hats off to David in this video.  He shows us what great leadership can accomplish. If you are a serious, dedicated dressage rider who wants to have a better understanding riding mares or sensitive horses, this is the video to watch.  We welcome you to the world of DressageClinic.com, your membership is very important to us.

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