FEI Judge Stephen Clarke Scores Grand Prix Text with Jan Ebeling aboard Breitan

Posted by admin On October - 21 - 2017

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Dressageclinic.com is pleased to present renound and respected FEI Judge General Stephen Clarke, providing Jan Ebeling valuable test score feedback while riding 11-year-old Breitan, a Hanoverian Stallion, at the West Coast Trainers Conference.   

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Watch Stephen Clarke provide real-time feedback to Jan Ebeling aboard Breitan at the West Coast Trainers Conference.

Every dressage rider values honest, helpful feedback from the ground and Stephen Clarke is one of the best in assessing a dressage test to improve and develop the horse and rider.    This video captures Stephen doing what he does best: scoring FEI dressage tests with honesty, kindness, and some humor.   As FEI Judge General, he has earned the honour of leading dressage evaluation teams and his years of experience evaluating riders is demonstrated in this video with Jan Ebeling and Breitan.     

As an audience of dressage enthusiasts watch the test unfold, Stephen shares his thoughts on the test as each movement is executed, often giving scores to allow the audience to see his standard of evaluation.    

Stephen offers his insight on what makes a movement a score of 7 (or good) to 8 (fairly good) and finally a 9 (very good).   Stephen comments on the horse’s responsiveness to the aids and elements of the piaffe, passage, pirouettes and extended trots that earn top marks from FEI judges.

As the ride continues, Stephen asks the piaffe steps to be repeated to ensure the horse learns and improves.   “That’s the value of doing it in this situation.  In a real competition, you have no choice but

to carry on.  But this is a schooling test.”  As a result, Jan rides the piaffe a second time and improves Breitan’s response.

Stephen’s insight as Jan rides provides everyone a clear understanding of the evaluation standards of FEI level dressage. Stephen also offers reassuring advice on managing the piaffe expectations going forward into competion.  “I think you have shown him that it is possible to do it in a test.  It’s only my personal thought but I wouldn’t be looking to go for a high mark,” says Stephen.  “As long as you know that here is genuine reaction and that he is there doing it really for himself, than you have a future.”

102x142_Profile of Stephen ClarkeStephen ends the evaluation on a wonderful note.  â€œGood halt.  Very good.  Well done.  That was super Jan.”    What more could you want from an FEI Judge.




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