Dressage Trainer Sharon McCusker Riding, Lecturing and Demonstrating the Path to Grand Prix Excellence

Posted by admin On August - 3 - 2017

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Dressageclinic.com is proud to present this deeply educational and informative video with Sharon McCusker, from Ashby MA USA, who brings us this riding and lecturing session displaying the progress with her exceptionally talented Wrigley – a 9 year-old gelding training grand prix at the time of this video. Sharon explains in detail everything she is doing and thinking while riding.  Wrigley is now competing successfully at Grand Prix and we were fortunate enough to have recorded portions of the training process of this talented horse and rider..

Wrigley and Sharon McCusker are considered one of the top horse and rider combinations in the international Grand Prix ring.  This video is an example of a successful Grand Prix horse today and the training Sharon gave him in the recent past to get her horse to where he is today.  A must see video for every serious dressage rider who is interested in the finer points of dressage training.



Watch Sharon McCluster and Wrigley Train
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The investment is time in the training ring using clear, honest and fair and consistent aids.  Sharon is cautious of her approach of Wrigley, as she want to gain and maintain elasticity in her horses..  Sharon wants strong but loose muscles in Wrigley and is always making sure she is working him in a relaxed, elastic, yet displaying positive upbeat energy.

Sharon comments that Wrigley has changed from last year’s video and he’s now more balanced, has more elasticity, greater ground cover, and is lighter off the ground.

And Sharon shows his progress in today’s video compared to older videos of Wrigley on DressageClinic.com.  Sharon ensures he is, "with her" on half halts, on both reins, and has the uphill balance that produces quality gaits and superior movements. 

In this video Sharon works Wrigley on a few elements required of grand prix horses including canter half pass and tempis as well as piaffe and passage. 

The trot was the last thing to come together’, she states. 

Sharon is an excellent rider to watch as she can share her decision-making and aid use while working Wridley.  Her fairness in training shines though as she comments on how late cues by the rider are not the fault of the horse and rewards Wrigley for good, honest hard work and when quality gaits are achieved.  The proof is Wridley happily providing solid piaffe and passage movements.

Shar102X142 PROFILEon reminds us that the best way to instill upper level movements in our horses is by delivering clear aids and rewarding them when they have done it right.  Something many riders forget to do.

Congratulations Sharon and Wrigley and thank you for this riding and lecturing video for all dressage riders and trainers to share.

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