Education Partners

Become an Education Partner with the
Global Dressage Forum North America

If your organization believes that Dressage Education is important to maintain good and sound principles for good horsemanship, then speak up and become an Education Partner with the GDFNA and take advantage of the benefits that come with it (see sponsorship benefits on our Sponsors page for more information).

Our Education Partners are U.S. and Canadian Dressage Federations or businesses that have excelled in performance when it comes to  providing dressage education to its members or customers.  All members of Dressage Federations or GMOs who are Education Partners with the GDFNA are entitled to a 15% discount. A coupon code has been given to each federation for you to use. See Discount Coupon Codes for Tickets

The following Dressage Federations or Business Organizations who are Education Partners with the Global Dressage Forum North America are:

USDF      The United States Dressage Federation
Dressage Canada
New England Dressage Ass. (for code Email:
ESDCTA  Eastern States Dressage & Combined Training Association
VADA       Virgina Dressage Association
   The Wisconsin Dressage & Combined Training Association
Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association
Illinios Dressage & Combined Training Association
California Dressage Society The Educational Website for Dressage Riders

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