DressageClinic.com presents a Video Lecture by Jennifer Kotylo: IMPROVE YOUR RIDING THROUGH MOVEMENT

Posted by admin On June - 24 - 2016

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DressageClinic.com  is pleased to present Jennifer Kotylo who guides us with her clear, engaging presentation at the USDF Annual Convention into improving the movement of your body to best communicate with your horse.

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Jennifer is a Movement and Body Awareness Specialist for Equestrians based out of Chicago, U.S.A..  She graciously shares her deep understanding of the human body and its influence on the horse. No doubt, Jennifer’s wisdom in human body movement will elevate your thinking of how you sit and move in and out of the saddle.

Using diagrams of the spine, 3-D images of the pelvis, and on-stage demonstrations, she deconstructs our most important tool for communicating with our horses: our body.  She states through the lecture ”we need to create throughness in ourselves bearing in mind a key message which simply is this: throughness is having a smoothness in your movement".

She continues to explain the concept of throughness,  ”We want to develop a horse that moves with correctness, with beauty, with grace, with power and it should seem effortless and it should seem fluid, in order for our horses to be able to do that, we need to be able to do the same thing.“ 

Step by step, Jennifer lectures about the rider's anatomy of the body and enlightens us on developing our effectiveness to become positive and successful riders.  Jennifer's meathod to bringing us her body awarness knowledge is clear and organized.

Her presentation in this video lecture is full of pictures, stories, videos and other vital information for all dressage riders to take note.  Best of all, Jennifer shares her techniques and exercises interactively with the audience making it fun to learn.  You will likely find that you will be following along as you are watching the video, performing the exercises on your way to becoming transformed rider.  You will be excited and literally skipping to your next ride with more suppleness and awareness of your body and dressage goals.

By covering the anatomy of the spine and the pelvis, one gains the importance of becoming "body aware" and in this awareness, we can begin understanding the importance of managing our bodies correctly in order to best communicate and educate our horses..

Whether you are on the horse, walking your dog or even watching this video, Jennifer will transform your thinking on the power and grace of your body and gives you the techniques to create oneness with your horse.


Customer Care Telephone Assistance 604-746-9222