CDS / California Dressage Society 50th Anniversary Training Symposium with Steffen Peters, Christine Traurig, Hilda Gurney & Charlotte Bredahl

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CDS Logo is proud to present to its membership, the complete Exclusive online coverage of the 2017 CDS 50th Anniversary Symposium held at the Mel Mar Fairgrounds in Del Mar CA featuring Christine Traurig, Hilda Gurney, Steffen Peters and Charlotte Bredahl working with selected demonstration riders and horses.

The format was super interesting and educational..

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Click on the Video Image Below to Watch Christing Traurig Assisting Anna Wood
Riding Hotshot AF 4 yrs. Old Oldenburg Gelding by: Hotline out of Spielberg Mare

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Christine Traurig was amazing with her precision explainations and mico details she was constantly bringing to the attention of the audience.  Christine Traurig is noted as one of the world's most knowledable and capable dressage trainers.

Charlotte Bredahl had two talented Young Riders and demonstrated their progress towards the Grand Prix competition. Christine worked with two of some of the best young four-year-old horses in the country, explaining to the audience and the talented riders the steps and techniques needed to continue the training towards a competitive FEI arena.

Next Hilda Gurney did a very informative demonstration using trained horses to show each step through the levels—from free walk to walk pirouettes. She followed each level having the demo riders show how the level of collection changes and the new movements that get added along the way. The levels—from free walk to walk pirouettes. She followed each level having the demo riders show how the level of collection changes and the new movements that get added along the way. It provided a clear picture of what happens through the training process to work up to the FEI levels.

Next, Steffen Peters brought out Dawn riding Legolas to show how a talented younger rider can step into the competition ring on an experienced (and amazing) horse to learn how to be competitive at the top levels of showing. Lastly, Steffen brought out his new FEI horse Rosamunde to explain how he is bringing her along towards her peak performance in Grand Prix. Steffen talked a lot about the challenges of training a very hot horse like these two (especially Legolas) and that the operative word required was patience. A fun part of the day for all was Steffen bringing out the cookie jar for Legolas at the end of his ride. Legolas even knows how to open the lid and does this daily at the end of his work. An amazing Symposium, with deep dressage knowledge and images of amazing horses and riders. is your educational partner for the best dressage education anywhere in the world. Don't waste your money on websites with big promises and nothing to show for it.

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USDF 2017 Trainers Conference Presenting International Judges Lilo Fore and Christian Matthiesen: 14 Training & Lecturing Sessions for the Training of Dressage Horses

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USDF_Trainers_Conf_LiloFore_ChrisitanMattiesen_300x80-copy                                                                                                                                Click on the Banner Above to Watch All Training Sessions:The USDF Trainers Conference held this past January 2017 In Florida was one of the most important gatherings for the training of dressage horses and riders featuring 5* Star Olympic Judge Lilo Fore and European International Judge Christian Mathieson. Over 450 people gathered in White Fences FL to see Lilo and Christian work personally with some of the top riders and horses in the country.

Lilo Fore was, as usual, in detail with her explanations and solutions and Christian had excellent commentary for each rider and horse. All 14 sessions are now playing on for members and if you did not have a chance to be in Florida personally for this great event, no worries, we are here as your education partner to provide you with full footage of each rider. Each and every rider and horse combination displayed dressage at its best and problems to be solved were taken with thoughtful and precise approaches by the clinicians. This is very important for every serious dressage rider to watch these sessions over and over again as each time you watch the same session, you will notice and hear new things that you had missed before. We are proud to bring this event to our membership.

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