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Happy New Year 2019 
This is the time for gratitude, and here at DressageClinic.com, our deepest thanks and appreciation goes out to all of you.  After all, its your support that makes our work for the further development of dressage riders like yourselves possible.

Your membership and participation to this educational online system allows us to stay nimble and meet the evolving needs of all dedicated dressage riders, and it's your dynamic feedback about our services and product reliability that allows us to provide this trusted, online educational training system we have always delivered.  From the staff of DressageClinic.com, our Education Partners and all our presented trainers from around the world, we are continually grateful for the dedication and loyalty of our members.

Our latest new videos from Stephen Clarke, Kathy Connelly, Gary Rockwell, Leslie Reid, Arthur Kottas, Anne Gribbons, Steffen Peters, Dave Thind, Betsy Steiner, Conrad Schumacher, Christoph Hess, J.J. Tate, Charles de Kunffy and so many more trainers from around the world, are training sessions that have been brought to you with true devotion for your continued development.  In addition, our Education Partners, the California Dressage Society, New England Dressage Association, Illinois Dressage Association, Eastern States Dressage and Combined Training Association, Atlanta Dressage Association, Virginia Dressage Association as well as the United States Dressage Federation have been presenting their educational activities and efforts through DressageClinic.com and we are grateful to them for their dedication for your Dressage Education.

We are also grateful for the Global Dressage Forum TM to be presenting their entire program via DressageClinic.com

Your input and continued support is vital for this educational system to continue and grow.  With this we once again thank you and wish you the BEST 2019 ever and hope that your participation in the competitive arena will be as successful as we wish it to be.

Happy New Year everyone with our sincere hope that 2019 will be the most prosperous year for you and your horse,

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