DressageClinic.com Presents: International Dressage Trainer Karen Pavicic Assisting Rebecca Cowden Riding Fancy Fay 6 Yrs Old Oldenburg

Posted by admin On July - 20 - 2016



Dressageclinic.com is pleased to present clinician Karen Pavicic assisting Rebecca Cowden, a willing rider with her forward 6 year old Oldenburg named Fancy Fay. 

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DressageClinic.com is proud to present one of the world's top international dressage trainers enjoying an highly successful career in the international ring.  The reason we were so excited to present Karen Pavicic is because we noticed that Karen has an intense focus and sophistication when she helps one of her students or is riding and lecturing herelf.  This video of a 6 year old is highly beneficial to the developement of young horses, a must see video training session for all serious dressage riders.

From the begining of this video, Karen works prescriptively with Rebecca to bring her horse in front of the motion and into a correct bend as she explains.  Many of us are working with these young, bright, and enthusiastic horses, but what is important is that we are ensuring they move in a way on a circle that keeps their shoulder from escaping to the outside and building a natural curve and bend in their bodies around our inside leg. So important for all riders to understand.

Karen Pavicic_Profile_118x137If you are serious about your development as a dressage rider, either professional or amateure, this video is for you.   The information Karen shares with us as to how to get a correct bend and also straightness in your horses.  A tricky but necessary combination.

This video is also very valuable for the rider who is beginning to understand outside rein to inside leg or has captured the idea but wants to define it even further.   Karen also reminds us of our hand position and to keep both reins on either side of the withers.  We often ourselves, move our hands all over the place  to ‘correct our horse’s bend’ and Karen’s coaching brings us back to correctly positioning our hands and implementing the correct contact through our aids in order to guide our horse into a desirable bend. As far as circles are concerned, Karen throughout the video reminds us that timing and preparation of the aids in the circle is the overall message for a young horse to appreciate.

Karen has a way of signalling to the rider the moment where we politely respond to our young horses.   Rebecca does this well and moves her horse into the correct bend over the course of the lesson.  It often it takes experienced ‘eyes on the ground’ to help us see the details of the particular points of what our young horses need guidance in their development.   Karen’s has that skill of reading what the horse needs and can convey precisely timed actions for the rider.  The result is great progress.  The lesson comes at a great time for Rebecca as we notice improvements in the 26-minute lesson with the pair. 

Rebecca’s Fancy Fey is a lovely horse that is tremendously coachable and honest.   Karen has that spirit in her coaching that lights us up when we get it right.  Rebecca takes both and brings it all together wonderfully.  Enjoy.

If you care about yourself as a dressage rider and want to improve your understanding for the development of yourself and your horse, watch this video. If you are not a member yet, sign up now using our 20% discount PROMO CODE: CDS4DC

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